On August 19 to 21, 2019, Kim Tin Group organized a Tour combining Customer Conference in Da Nang with the participation of over 120 agents and distributors across the country. This is an opportunity to meet and appreciate the support and cooperation of typical agents and distributors who have accompanied Kim Tin during the formation and development.
Sala Da Nang is lying on his side on the beautiful My Khe beach.
Sala Da Nang belongs to the high-class hotel chain of Kim Tin Group, lying on the side of My Khe beach – one of the most beautiful beaches on the planet. Conference guests can experience all services when staying at Sala Da Nang. In early fall morning, you can enjoy breakfast at the Sala restaurant and watch the sea scenery murmuring with waves. In the afternoon, you can show your body by the infinity pool with luxurious photos. Or night, enjoy a cocktail on the background of vibrant DJ music and watch Da Nang sparkling at night.
Infinity pool
Sky bar
The memory of Hoi An, shiny Hoi street
The special feature that Kim Tin wants to bring to customers in this combined customer conference tour is the unique experience at Hoi An Memory show – one of the most worth-seeing art shows. The memory of Hoi An gives customers strong feelings and impressions of a unique art product imbued with the identity of the land with a rich culture and history of the nation.
Memories of Hoi An show
Customers are interested in the girl’s image in a long dress sitting beside the loom, engrossed in times and memories. Displayed with that is a special array of memories, historical and cultural flows to a beloved and colorful Hoi An street, which used to be a busy trading port, meeting East-West culture. Or the image of lights and the sea, praising the wonderful love story of Hoi An’s daughter, like many faithful Vietnamese women, despite the storms still lighting lanterns every night, releasing flower lanterns to guide sailors overcome waves and waves return.
Ba Na Hills – French architecture in the heart of Da Nang
On top of Ba Na Hills, there are 4 seasons of spring, summer, autumn and winter different from Saigon or Hanoi, it brings a feeling of pleasure and comfort. Customers like to be heartwarming with great thousands of cheers of frankincense, rosemary, nectar lotus … as immersed in the colorful flower garden blooming four seasons of hydrangeas, orchids, wild daisies … the classic architecture of the romantic French village, taking part in thrilling games at the Fantasy Park.
Kim Tin Customer Conference 2019 with the topic “Sharing for success”
Customers experience the product through mini games
Before the conference, customers had moments of real product experience outside the auditorium through attractive mini-games and visiting the display space of hand- held products with many product lines.
Attending the Conference were Mr. Nguyen Tien Hai – Chairman of the Board of Directors (BOM) Kim Tin Group, Mrs. Linda Yan representing Merit Link Group – Crows with all Directors of branches and customers across the country.
Speaking at the conference, Mr. Nguyen Tien Hai – Kim Tin BOM also affirmed the 20-year history of Kim Tin’s establishment and development associated with the history of building and developing strong, and trusting relationships. ideas, responsibilities, balancing the interests of stakeholders. Customers and partners are an important resource, deciding the continuous development of Kim Tin.
Representative of Meritlink Group – Crown shared about the product
Also at the conference, the representative of Meritlink – Crown Group shared the orientation of developing hand tools product lines in Vietnam market, and introduced to customers the features of Crown products such as welding machine, drilling machine, distance measuring machine, grinding machine…
Besides appreciation, customer conference this time is the opportunity for dealers, distributors can place orders with discount fascinating together under that presents attractive for the customer.
The Customer Conference with the theme “Sharing for success” was successfully held in the joy and satisfaction of customers, marking the sustainable cooperation between Kim Tin Group – Customers – Meritlink Group, and is very important to expand the market for Crown hand tools in Vietnam. In the spirit of determination to successfully conquer together to achieve the goals in 2019, as Mr. Nguyen Tien Hai – Chairman of Kim Tin Board of Directors shared sincerely at the Conference “I hope we will win together, all obstacles and continue to share success. Our success is also the success of our customers, partners, and vice versa! ”.
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