Why should you choose Kim Tin Group to develope your career

We believe that manpower is a treasure of Kim Tin Group, so we consider salary as an effective investment. Therefore, when you work for Kim Tin Group, you will enjoy salary proportional to your capacity and market competition.

We think manpower training and development are the strategic investment for prospective success of Kim Tin Group. As you are an employee in the Group, you are offered with opportunities to be trained to improve your competence and knowledge in order to meet work requirements and challenges. Skill and qualification training courses as well as real instruction sessions are regularly organized.

You, as a staff of Kim Tin Group, are able to mix into a professional working environment based on equitable and truthful achievement assessment indicators, including planning and report software for KPI calculation, business support software,… Moreover, you are easy to grasp and handle your works quickly and effectively owning to modern and fast information approach system.