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Field Of operation
Sales Division
Our objectives are to ensure product and trademark coverage throughout the country and attain high growth rate every year. Taking the lead in sales among companies in the same sector in Vietnam is one of our most essential objectives. Also, we make sure that all Kim Tin Group’s products transferred to customers and consumers are supplied with best services.
Functions:  Traditional channel, modern channel, special customer development channel. Sales support departments include commercial support, business operations
Marketing Division
Our objective is to build up the trademark of Kim Tin Group and its dominant products, which are known and trusted by customers and consumers. We understand that building up a strong trademark is a vital factor for the Group’s growing. Creation and strategic thought, therefore, are indispensable elements for marketing staff of the Group.
Functions: Trademark, PR, Marketing mix,
brand management. 

 Finance – Accounting Division
Finance and accounting activities play an important role in all operations of Kim Tin Group. Our missions are to define the revenue, profit and expense goals for the whole system, comply strictly with regulations on finance and accounting issued by the government, financial institutions and our Board of Management. Besides, using assets/profit of shareholders in connection with correct purpose, reinvesting effectively and evaluating new investment opportunities to maximize profit of shareholders are among our core responsibilities.
Finance, accounting and investment.

Supply – Export & Import Division
The role of supplying and regulating the input and out products are very important for developing and using effectively the capacity of the Group’s resources. The core duties of the Division are to supply input materials at low costs and high quality and regulate production plans of plants in line with the market demands from Sales Division. In addition, supply also means selling products to nations in Asia, Europe, America,...; creating and reinforcing good relationship of local and foreign best suppliers as well as keeping long cooperation with foreign partners.
Functions: material supply, production and export & import planning,...

Human Resource Division
The essential things we pay attention to are to seek, foster and develop our employees, provide good conditions for employees to promote their creation and bring gigantic working effects as well as help them to obtain their career goals.
Functions: Salary & benefit, training & development, recruitment & human resource relation, legislation.

R&D Division
R&D activities are always integral to any company or enterprise. R&D plays a crucial role of Kim Tin Group system. This Division assumes to research on best solutions for works, processes,…; research and develop new products; enhance performance of existing products; increase dominant quality as an advantage of the Group against its competitors and meet the customer needs. Moreover, we also research on projects and execute bi projects of the Group, including construction of plants and buildings, up-to-date technologies and machines,...
Functions: Researching on new products, pushing performance and quality of existing products, building and carrying out business projects, structures, production,...

Production Division
Our production activities are conducted in harmonious and effective way between such Divisions as Export & Import, Planning, Production, Plant and Coordination. We commit to generate high quality products, diversify types of products to satisfy the demands of customers and consumers.
Existing plants: 4 plants

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