was formerly known as Hung Yen Kim Tin Co., Ltd. was founded August 14, 2006 with initial investment capital of 70 billion. At this time, the field operations of the company is specialized in producing various kinds of welding materials for the construction industry, construction and shipbuilding, ... with a capacity of 800 tons of assorted welding rod per month.

In early 2009, the Company continued equipment investment over four production lines with capacity of 1,600 tons per month with an area of 23,728 m2 is used. Date 13/11/2009 Kim Tin Company Limited was privatized and renamed KIM TIN HUNG YEN JOINT STOCK COMPANY by the certificate of business registration No. 0900257329 by the Department of Planning and Investment, issued on 13 Hung Yen / 11/2009. Stringent marking of public companies during development and grown to rise to become one of the leading manufacturers of welding materials industry in Vietnam ..

Currently with over 200 employees, and 4 modern production lines, monthly response to market 1,800 tons per month, Kim Tin Hung Yen is increasingly demonstrated strong growth in sectors such as Manufacturing Industry materials, tools, welding equipment industry (connection), material production, tools, equipment and chemical additives industry, processing, metal processing, rolling and drawing steel, Jewelry Shopping gas, electrical appliances, warehousing services and storage facilities, ..

Besides the development of business, KIM TIN HUNG YEN JOINT STOCK COMPANY is one of the members and a strategic partner of Kim Credit Corporation (KimTinGroup), this is the same arm strength and has helped KIM TIN HUNG YEN JOINT STOCK COMPANY   always a strong and overcome the effects of the economic slump. Kim Tin Hung Yen increasingly creating trust and confidence on the board, the collective staff and especially the major shareholders of the Group Kim Tin.

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